Safestop manufactures protection systems before major damage can occur. It is a policy of Safestop that all protection systems be “Failsafe” and inform the user of a problem prior to stopping the vehicle.

Engine Management

The Safestop electronic engine management system can monitor, up to five individual circuits with dedicated switches to protect against amongst other problems.

  • Coolant Loss
  • High Average Coolant Temperature
  • Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure
  • Low Engine Oil Level
  • High Average Engine Oil Temperature
  • Broken Fan Belt

In each case the driver / operator receives an audio fault warning ten seconds prior to a controlled engine stop taking place. An interactive light display indicates the cause of the problem thus keeping downtown to a minimum.

Engine Management

Turbo Timer

Starter Motor Saver

Speed Limiter Standard

Speed Limiter Dual

Rev Limiter

Idle, Rev & Speed Limiter

Idle Limiter

Engine Management (3c)

Engine Management (4c)

Engine Management (5c)

EM-IRS Combo

Flasher Unit



Typical Applications

  • Mining
  • Agriculture 
  • Industry 
  • Railways 
  • Road Transport and Logistics
  • Power Generation 
  • Passenger Transport 
  • Fishing 
  • Security and Defence

Safestop Products

Control Equipment

Safestop is again the market leader in technology to monitor the control of vehicles against operator/driver abuse.

It is a problem in our industry that staff entrusted with expensive and sometimes irreplaceable equipment do not adhere to accepted norms and management requirements. This results in major loss and high costs to all sectors of our economy. As a result of this lack of discipline the following products have achieved incredible savings.

Speed Limiters

Safestop is the acknowledged market leader in innovative systems to monitor and control excessive speeding on vehicles. By controlling speed, management can show its commitment to the reduction in the road carnage, excessive fuel consumption and wear and tear. Fully adjustable, the Safestop Speed Limiter is designed to pre-warn the driver that he is about to exceed management imposed limits and retards  engine power for the time that vehicle exceeds the limit should the driver ignore the warning. The latest version of the Safestop Speed Limiter is capable of monitoring two different speed inputs and can be used for town and open road operations to limits for each area function. In certain applications the Safestop speed limiter will ensure control even on downhill operations

Idle, Rev and Speed Limiters

The Safestop Idle, Rev and Speed Limiter is a combination of the, individual Safestop products that ensure that limits, preset by Management are adhered to whilst the vehicle is away from, direct control. As with the Safestop Engine Protection System the IRS unit offers an audio warning prior to a controlled retardation of engine power should the operator/driver ignore the warning. Once the vehicle drops below the limits, full engine power is automatically restored. A light displays indicates which circuit has triggered. The IRS systems integrates seamlessly with the Safestop engine protection.

Safestop supplies a range of individual Idle, Rev and Speed Limiters should you not require this combination.

Engine Rev Limiters

The Safestop Engine Rev Limiter is designed to restrict the engine revs of a vehicle to a pre-set limit, determined by Management in conjunction with the vehicle supplier on Petrol, Gas, or Diesel engines.

The operator/driver receives a pre-owner 5% prior to the set point being reached. Power to the engine is retarded should he ignore the warning and exceed the preset limit. Once the revs have reduced to below the limit full power is automatically restored.

Engine Idle Limits

The Safestop engine Idle Limiter stops the engine after it has been left idling for a preset period. Immediate restart is a standard. The input signal can be speed or Rev based.

Starter Motor Saver

The Safestop Starter Motor Saver is designed to protect the Starter Motor from unnecessary damage resulting from:

  • Excessive Engine Cranking
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Cranking whilst engine is running

Turbocharger Timer

The Safestop Turbocharger Timer ensures that the Turbocharger is permitted time to cool prior to the oil supply being stopped when the engine is switched off.

Information, Management and Support Systems


Safestop protection systems interface with Fleet Management and Tracking Systems to inform operators of faults in “real time’’ and / or “historically’’ should vehicles be stopped due to a Safestop controlled problem.

Safestop interfaces to Observer, Gapp, C-Track, Co-Driver, Geotab, Orchid and many other systems.

Electronic Flasher Unit

Safestop manufactures a solid state bi-voltage electronic flasher unit, designed to replace existing electromechanical units that tend to fail prematurely. The Safestop Flasher unit will accommodate up to 16 lights per side in a multilink environment and reduces inventory to one item.


Safestop manufactures a range of specialized timers designed to switch off specific system after a preset period ensuring Management Control over two way radio communication equipment, tracking systems, extended shutdowns etc.