In excess of 80 000 Safestop systems are in daily use throughout South and Southern Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, The United Kingdom, Israel and Australia.

The Safestop factory in Johannesburg South Africa, employs a staff of eighteen people, most from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who can collectively produce up to one thousand five hundred units daily.

Our own innovative Electronic Engineers design, test and manufacture products for se in the Road and Passenger Transport, Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Shipping, Fishing, Security and Defence Industries, in house.

Some of our Customers include:

Value Logistics    Interscape Mainliner City of Cape Town
Kempton Group Sasol City of Johannesburg
Telkom Unitrans Mitsubishi Forklifts
Parmalat Olympic Bus Lines Goscor
Albany Bakeries Sentinel Transport Springbok Atlas
SANDF Komatsu  
Coca Cola Linde